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October 4, 2016

YouTubers Who Are Scary Glam for Halloween


We know that every makeup maven goes to YouTube to get inspired for makeup trials. Halloween makeup is no different. You can find vast amounts of information on creating the perfect creepy or cute look for this holiday. Here are a few of our favorite YouTube makeup stars who are both scary and glam but also inspiring. If you’re not already subscribing, you should be now.

Laura Sanchez

YouTuber Laura gives us a look at the extraterrestrial in her UFO makeup video. Her alien makeup looks took her to the NYX Face Awards Final, and we can see why. We love how she transforms herself into three completely different species, each one cooler than the next.

Elsa Rhae

Elsa’s rendition of a mermaiden is adorable and creepy all at the same time. This look is what she submitted for the NYX Face Awards in 2015.

Kimberly Margarita

Also known as Colour Creep on YouTube, Kimberly creates tons of amazing, mythical looks. This pretty Jackalope creation is one of our favs. She created this for the NYX Face Awards 2016.


Erin, otherwise known as Fresh Blush on YouTube, has created an amazing rendition of the popular Jack Skellington look from The Nightmare Before Christmas. We think she nailed it.


Mykie, AKA Glam and Gore, creates the perfectly plastic Barbie look. But don’t be fooled, perfection isn’t enough! She also gets a little creepy with Barbie’s scary results after plastic surgery.

Is your favorite Halloween artist featured? If not, let us know in the comments below! If you’ve created any of your own scary glam looks, make sure to share! Interested in learning makeup artistry? Check out our cosmetology program.

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