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January 5, 2018

Star Wars-Inspired Hairstyles for the Discrete Superfan

Are you looking to get more in touch with your inner Jedi? Are you one with the Force but your workplace dress code is business casual? Star Wars: The Last Jedi may have been controversially received by long-time Star Wars fans, but there is no doubt that these hairstyles are absolutely out of this world! If you’re looking for a hairstyle to wear to the premier of Solo: A Star Wars Story, look no further!

A Splash of Color

Star Wars is a universe full of vibrant colors and breathtaking scenery. Why not embrace the spirit of Star Wars and incorporate a dash of color to your ordinary hairdo? Streaks of color can look especially good in braided hair, which is a common staple in the galaxy far far away!

Updos for Days

Speaking of braids, they are just about everywhere in Star Wars! Tight braids that stay close to the head are very common and look fantastic. Use your hair as a crown to show the world that you’re the queen of the galaxy!

Be a Star Wars Greek

Padme Amidala wasn’t just the queen of a planet, she was the queen of hair! Many of her looks borrowed Grecian hairstyle themes. Many of her styles incorporated varieties in length and style in the very same look. She also used many different adornments to take her accessory game to the next level. Mix up braids, layers, and hair accessories to embrace your inner queen!

Rock the Hawk

There’s something fierce about seeing someone wearing a mohawk-style hairdo, especially if it’s a woman! You don’t have to go so far as to shave the sides of your head, but you can get the same sort of futuristic ferocity with this trendy and gorgeous “bubble-hawk”!

Braided Buns

No look in Star Wars is as quintessential as Princess Leia’s side buns from the original movie. Star Wars has continued the bun trend in new iterations throughout the newer movies. Our favorite new style is the braided bun that combines elements from many different hairstyles. Tightly braided hair tied up into buns are the perfect chic look for any heroine who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty!

Look Simply Rey-diant

Rey is the woman every girl should want to be. She’s independent, powerful, and beautiful. She has it all! You can unleash your inner space heroine with this Rey-inspired sectioned ponytail.

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