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January 20, 2016

What Makes Cosmetology Different from Esthetics?


“Wait, they’re different?”

Technically, yes. While the two fields do have some commonalities, they are in fact quite different.  

Generally speaking,cosmetology training includes the theory and practice of hair styling, makeup, nail technician practices and procedures, pedicures, skincare and more. While esthetics students are focused on skincare only.

But “skincare” isn’t as narrow a field is it may sound. Estheticians can have specializations such as electrolysis, chemical facial treatments, reflexology, brow and lash maintenance, and more.

While cosmetologists can specialize in some esthetic practices like microdermabrasion, it is a bit less common for Estheticians to also have a cosmetology license.


What Do You Learn in Each Program?

Cosmetology students learn the basics of skincare and maintenance as they would the basics of  the other general features of the program such as hair cutting and coloring.

Esthetics students learn to analyze and assess skin conditions, how to shape, wax and tint eyebrows, microdermabrasion, reflexology, facial and body waxing practices and techniques, and more such as things like bacteriology.  

Licensing Requirements

The number of hours needed to complete the program depends on the amount of theory/lecture and practical/training needed to satisfy the requirements of the program.  At Montana Academy of Salons our Cosmetology program requires 2,000 hours and our Esthetics program requires 650.  Follow the links to learn about the specifics of each program.

Why Montana Academy of Salons?

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