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June 19, 2017

High School Grads: Is Beauty School in Your Future?

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Not sure what to do now that you’re done with high school? That’s OK! Not everyone was born to be a lawyer or a doctor. If you’re looking for your next step, you might want to consider beauty school. Not sure if beauty school is right for you? Here are 5 signs cosmetology school could be your destiny.

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  1. You Love Art

  2. Did you fill your high school schedule with drawing, painting, and ceramics classes? You must have a passion for art. Cosmetology careers can offer a unique opportunity to express yourself creatively every day. In cosmetology school, you can learn all about colors and how to create a makeup look that stands out. If you want an education driven by creative passion, check out our cosmetology program!

  3. You Want to Work With Your Hands

  4. Tired of sitting through hours of lectures? We understand you. While theory is a part of learning cosmetology, you can have the chance to do real services on the salon floor on real clients once you’ve mastered the foundation of beauty services. Plan to be up on your feet during your school day here at Montana Academy of Salons!
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  5. You Want to Work With Others

  6. It’s no secret that cosmetology is a service-oriented profession. Working with clients and other stylists happens on a daily basis. If you enjoyed all the social interaction that high school had to offer, we bet you’ll love spending time in on the student salon floor!

    In addition to being a social job with many face-to-face interactions, the industry as a whole is driven by sociable and outgoing individuals with a passion for what they do.

  7. You Are Passionate About Hair

  8. When you were younger, did your doll have the hottest hairstyle in dreamland? Did your sister, dog, or cat get a monthly grooming from you and your safety scissors? You’ve probably had a passion for hair since then, and you’re ready to start a career doing what you’ve always loved. Montana Academy is a place of passion and doing what you love, so don’t be afraid to go after your lifelong dream!

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  9. You Follow the Latest Hair and Makeup Trends on Social

  10. Who do you follow on Instagram? If your following list consists of hairstylists, makeup artists, skincare professionals, beauty enthusiasts, and the salon you go to, you’re definitely obsessed with beauty. It’s time to jump into the industry and join those who you’ve been idolizing for years.

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