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March 14, 2018

High School Classes That Can Prepare You For Cosmetology School

Are you absolutely itching to escape from high school and begin your cosmetology program? Don’t worry, you’ll graduate before you know it! In the meantime, there are some classes in high school that you should pay extra attention to so you can be more prepared to succeed in beauty school. Most of these classes are ones you might be taking anyways, so take notes so you can be top of your class!


While most public high schools do not offer business courses, many of them have extracurricular programs to help students develop entrepreneurial skills, such as DECA. If your school doesn’t offer business courses, ask your advisor how you can elevate your education about business! A background in business is immensely helpful for cosmetologists because they create a book of clients, schedule appointments, handle money, manage time, all of which are business skills that they might need. Having a foundation of understanding can help you to be successful in either position!


Similar to how business skills help cosmetologists, so do skills in English! You make an impression on all of your clients, and your skill in English can often influence if that impression is good or bad. The best cosmetologists are those who can keep a conversation going with their clients. Knowing when to talk and when not to talk, as well as what to say, makes the appointment feel less like a chore and more like an event. Develop your English skills to incorporate professional writing, correspondence, and even speech. How you communicate with clients can influence their decision to return for more services!

Creative Arts

Students who are excited about cosmetology are often students who also love the creative arts. Concepts like color and contrast translate between creative arts and cosmetology. Avant garde fashion, for example, is one of the most creative and exciting forms of art performed in cosmetology. While at beauty school, you’ll learn all about color and style to help you be the best stylist for your clients! Learning about these things from an artistic perspective can help you get ahead before you’ve even started your cosmetology program!


This might not be the most obvious example of a class in high school that can prepare you for beauty school. In your cosmetology program you’ll have the opportunity to learn a great deal about chemicals and how they interact with different skin and hair types. A good cosmetologist knows which products are best for their clients, but a great cosmetologist can explain why those products are best. If you can explain these things to your clients, they are more likely to trust you and you’ll be able to meet their needs better!


For similar reasons to chemistry, your biology class can teach you many things that can help with your cosmetology education. Part of being a good cosmetologist means that you’re able to identify certain skin and hair conditions and be able to remedy them appropriately. It’s also important to know how some skin or hair types react to different treatments. Taking the time to lay a strong foundation in biology can make some of these things a breeze for you in your cosmetology program!

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