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Montana Academy of Salons requires all perspective students to have a valid high school diploma (or high school document such as an official transcript documenting graduation), or Hi-Sat (GED) certificate. Educational background checks are done prior to enrollment. Montana Academy does not enroll ability-to-benefit students. Montana Academy does not recruit students who are currently admitted to or attending another school offering a similar course of study.


Out of state applicants shall meet the same requirements as in state applicants apply for Barbering, Barbering Supplemental, Cosmetology, Esthetics, Manicuring, Massage, Microderm Abrasion, and Teacher Training.


Applications are available online below, at the Montana Academy of Salons or can be mailed if needed. Application procedures are as follows:

Step 1

Schedule a Career Planning Session

  1. Call our admissions office, 406-771-8772 x. 5, to schedule a session and tour.
  2. Receive and review the Welcome Packet which includes:
    1. Consumer Information – download
    2. Right to Know
    3. Annual Security Report – download
    4. Housing Information
    5. Daycare Information
    6. Federal Student Aid at a Glance
  3. Complete FAFSA if you plan on using Financial Aid
  4. After meeting with the admissions representative and completing all necessary documents you will be presented with either and acceptance or denial letter.

Step 2

At registration, the following are needed:

  1. Completed enrollment application
  2. Sign an enrollment agreement
  3. Personal Identification
    1. Valid drivers license or
    2. Social Security Card or
    3. Valid passport
  4. Valid proof of high school graduation
    1. An official High School or College Transcript or Hi-Sat certificate (GED)
    2. Proof of Graduation – Diploma or official transcript
  5. Complete Occupational Qualifications Fact Sheet
  6. Sign Kit List
  7. Pay registration fee


The following documents must be submitted upon registration and prior to the student signing an enrollment contract and being admitted into the school:

  1. Personal Identification (Copy)
    • A valid driver’s license or
    • A social security card or
    • A valid passport
    • Photo I.D.
    • Valid Proof of High School Graduation
  2. An official High School Transcript or Hi-Sat Certificate (GED) or Official Post-Secondary Transcript
  3. Proof of graduation – diploma or official transcripts
  4. College graduate transcripts
  5. Homeschool Certificate, including State issued credential
  6. Teacher Training Program – must provide a copy of current Montana practitioner license.

Barber Supplemental Program – must be a recent graduate of the Cosmetology program or provide copy of current Montana Cosmetology license.

Microdermabrasion Course – must be a recent graduate of the Montana Academy’s Cosmetology or Esthetics programs or provide a copy of a current Montana Cosmetology or Esthetics license.


Students withdrawing, transferring, or graduating from the school, upon payment of all fees owed, shall be provided a current and accurate official transcript reflecting hours and grades and a statement of good standing from Montana Academy in order to receive credit for their education. When transferring between licensed schools, the transferring student shall provide Montana Academy with a statement of good standing and official transcript from the previous school.

Schools shall not allow a transferred student to practice on members of the public until Montana Academy receives an official transcript of the student’s hours and grades within the required curriculum areas.

Student(s) wishing to transfer from The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA) and/or Summit Salon Academy may be accepted for enrollment into the Barbering and Cosmetology Courses only after carefully evaluating the student’s official transcripts. Montana Academy does not accept transfer hours from any other institutions. Additionally, Montana Academy does not accept transfer hours for the Esthetics, Manicuring, Teacher Training, or Massage Therapy Courses.

All transfer hours are applied at the end of the student’s training. Montana Academy does not recruit students who are attending or have been admitted to other similar programs.

Transfer students will pay the current rate of tuition for the remaining hours to fulfill graduation requirements. Tuition balances do not transfer from one school to another. Transfer students will be subject to over contract fees if applicable.

Transfer student tuition rates per hour are as follows:

Barbering - $9.00
Cosmetology - $8.50

Transfer students will be required to purchase Montana Academy of Salons’ Student Kit. Transfer students will be subject to over contract fees if applicable.

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