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November 6, 2015

All About UnderCuts

Why should you consider an undercut? The name of the game is versatility and wear-ability. Hair styles like this make your image rather fluid. You can play with hair length, texture, and color to make your undercut totally unique

“The undercut” is an all-encompassing term to describe a look that combines the best features from some of the most iconic styles. Sampling the Pampadour, Pixi, Bob, Asymmetrical trends and the Mohawk, the undercut style pairs shaven sides with volume on top. Deep side parts, and directional patterns have added to the appeal and mystery of the trend.

The V
The bottom layers of hair (from the nape of your neck up) are shaved close to the scalp either up into a fade or a part is created between the shaven section and the higher layers of hair. It is relatively easy to conceal if the top layers are long enough to cover the back of the head. This style often features intricate patterns like the one pictured, or can be dyed a different color.

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The Cut Out This particular version of the undercut has been around arguably longer than the infamous look itself. The days of asymmetrical do’s are to thank for this gem. The idea being that there is still some length (albeit a few inches or so) to the hair, instead of it being shaved to the scalp; but the ear is still visible and it creates a lot of dimension and texture. Usually it is balanced by parting the hair to the opposite side and adding volume.

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Shaved Sides
Remember how we mentioned that this trend heavily incorporates elements from other trends? This look embodies the feel of the mohawk with the freedom and sass of keeping long, luxurious locks to style and rock!


The Fade Traditionally a regular cut for fashion-forward men, it is very subtle and looks very much like a traditional undercut where the sides are shaved, but you’ll notice the the back of the head and the hair around the part are actually tapered not buzzed.

The Long Undercut
Obviously how short or long you want the majority of your hair to remain is up to you. If you don’t want to commit to shaving a sizeable portion of your head, you could simply cut a smaller section of hair so that is it only an inch or so it length. It will be enough to be attention catching but also quite easy to conceal if say, you’re restricted by work or school from having certain hairstyles.


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The Faux Undercut the best friend for those of us who aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to their current style but still want to shake things up a little! Using small braids, twists, pins or small clips all you have to do is secure the desire hair back and away from the face creating a deep side part. Eye catching and fun to wear, but you can always take the pins out and restyle however you’d like!

Do you have an idea that you would like to try? We can help, schedule an appointment with our salon now!

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