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" I love what I am doing. Thank you for providing an excellent learning environment.”


5 stars

Katy Wilson

“I enjoy coming to this school and learning all the skills I did from the educators. Really made me feel at home when I felt like I didn’t really know what I was doing in this career. I know I can go out into the world with a better understanding and know I’ll always have people behind me that I can count on when I need help."

Taylor Starkey

“This school was amazing it has made me proud of myself. I have never felt so accomplished. I believe this school has the best leaders that make it so easy to learn and have a fun positive attitude.”

Rose Le Veque

“There are so many positives about going to this school I feel as if I received the greatest of education that I could have had at a beauty school. I feel as if I am leaving extremely prepared and well knowledgeable about my new career."

Trisha Heck

“After visiting other schools I have a new appreciation for how nice this school is. [The] educators are fabulous. They really enjoy what they do; that is evident in how they teach. I’m so excited to start my career as a Cosmo. I love what I am doing. Thank you for providing an excellent learning environment”

Taylor Sorheim

“Something I learned that will forever stick with me is how to build a family and friendships. The educators and staff try their hardest to make this place welcoming and comfortable. The education is like none other in the state & the products are the best. I’m truly blessed to have gone to such an amazing school.”

Kate Young

“I met so many great people here that I will miss so much. I could not have asked for a better learning experience. I feel confident in my education that I will be successful as a cosmetologist. I definitely made lots of memories that will stick with me forever.”

Kelly Cooper

“My overall experience here was very positive I feel that I learned a lot and I built skills to prepare me for a professional career. I am excited to be part of the salon industry.”

Nicole MicLaughlin

“I learned a lot about team work. The educators were all very helpful and willing to work with me. I made a lot of friends and will take a lot from this school. I also learned that attendance is everything.”

Jasmine Faulkinberry

“Best experience in my college career! Celebration is one of my favorite memories because all of my goals would be rewarded!! Glad I worked my butt off for level 3. Loved our competitions and having Chris Baron visit! I will miss student council with Mike and Linda! Thanks for my education I will miss this place a lot."

Morgan O' Brian

“Mrs. Cummings is the biggest asset to this school. She is fair, always willing to help, honest, has a vast array of experience to pull from, and does what she says she will do. She truly pushes us to be the best that we can be. The school could only benefit from having more educators like her.”

Callie Cooper

“I loved going to school here! All the educators were helpful and understanding and made it a fun experience. We were very lucky to have the opportunity to learn from big game hair stylists and I am thankful for having that experience."

Savana Saunders

“During my time at school I have learned to be a stronger person and to believe in myself. I learned that having confidence will take you further than anything else.”

Kelli Anderson

“I feel I had an awesome education here. I learned more than just how to cut hair. I learned how to present myself professionally. I feel very fortunate to have graduated from this school.”

Johanna Schabarker

“I enjoyed the opportunity to have Redken certified educators come to me to help advance my skill. I enjoyed the amount of color applications I was able to do. The business skills such as pre-booking and getting referrals learned have greatly benefited me.Thank you for the privilege of attending your school!”

Madison Scott

“This school helped me have a whole different take on life. The leadership and education skills they ready you with are amazing. I also love how they encourage you to keep on learning and growing your education. The educators were amazing in their knowledge of cosmetology, and I will never forget them."

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