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December 8, 2017

7 Reasons to Get Your Next Beauty Service in a Student Salon

Everyone has to make really important life decisions. Examples can include which new car to buy, where to live, who to date or marry, and where to get salon services. You can’t just go to any old salon to get your hair cut or legs waxed. It needs to be a place where you know you’ll be taken care of. It has to be with people you can trust with the way you look.

A question we get a lot is “can you get all that from a beauty school student salon?” We believe the answer is a definite yes! Here are 7 reasons that we think student salons are an awesome place to get salon services:

cosmetology student learning to do hair

  1. All services are performed by students under the supervision of a licensed professional.

    A lot of people get nervous when they hear that the services are performed by students. They think that means that they are less experienced and more likely to make mistakes. This perception is generally false. Every time a student performs a service, one of our very experienced educators will be there to help and guide them. In addition to this, we take a lot of pride in the way we teach and train our students. By the time they get to the salon floor we are totally confident in their skills. We think that once you give it a shot you’ll be confident in them as well.

    Read Google reviews of people who have had a service done in our student salon. You may be surprised!

  2. You can save money on your next beauty service.

    If you want the royal treatment at a price that is realistic, visit our student salon. You can get many of the salon services that are part of your beauty regimen at a fraction of the cost.

    Check out our salon services price list here.

  3. salon chair

  4. You’ll be part of the educational experience.

    For some people, being a part of the education of a student is a big deal. It can be really fun to meet a student who is in the midst of building their career and then watching them grow. Some people will meet a student and then request that same student for follow up appointments. You can follow a student all the way through their school experience until graduation. This allows you to watch them develop and become amazing professionals. It can be fun and rewarding for both the student and you, the client.

  5. You can get all your beauty services in one spot.

    Hair, nails, and skin; you can make our student salon your one stop beauty spot. Come visit for a spa day and get all the services you want at once!

  6. The customer service experience.

    You can go to a salon, get an awesome haircut, but have a horrible customer service experience. Odds are that you will probably never go back to that salon even though your haircut is great. In a student salon, students are eager and excited to help clients. They want to get all the first hand experience they can get in serving customers. For this reason, you’ll probably notice a big difference in the experience you have in our student salon.

  7. You can get the full salon atmosphere.

    At Montana Academy of Salons we want our students to get experience that can prepare them for their careers. We designed our salon and spa with this in mind. We have 48 cosmetology stations, eight manicuring stations, eight pedicuring stations, eight facial tables, and four massage tables. Walking through the doors feels like you’re leaving Montana and entering a New York City salon.

  8. You’ll see that quality is a priority.

    We partner with some of the best names in beauty. Examples include Summit Salon and Redken. When you come in you’ll be able to see the difference it makes in both the products we use and the expertise of our students.

Ready to try our student salon and experience the difference? Schedule an appointment by calling 406-771-8772 Ext. 1. We can’t wait to pamper you!

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