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March 9, 2017

5 Things Your Stylist Needs to Know (Make Sure You Tell the Truth)


Whether you’ve been going to the same stylist for years, or you’ve recently had to switch, your stylist needs to be in the know about your hair at all times. When you schedule your first appointment, you will probably be asked a series of questions about your hair and how it’s been treated. It is crucial that you tell the truth! If you shy away from sharing that you’ve used a box color recently, you’ll soon regret it. It could potentially harm your hair if you don’t! Here are 5 things you’ll have to fess up to sooner rather than later.

If You Have Box Color on Your Hair

Box colors are made differently, chemically, than professional colors. If you don’t remember the ingredients in your box color, then you are on the same level as your stylist. How is anyone supposed to know what the outcomes could be? The chemical reactions could be bad, and they could permanently damage your hair or scalp.

Have You Used Henna on Your Hair?

Henna is meant to change color over time with multiple applications. The bad side effects of henna won’t usually show up until you try to change your hair color. Henna can react in a very extreme way with other dyes. If you don’t tell your stylist, you could end up with fumes and smoke coming off of your hair. Bad news.

What Do You Consider an Inch?

An inch is an inch. However, many people see an inch cut off of their hair and realize then that an inch was too much. They may have really wanted and meant a half inch. Show your stylist how much you want to cut off with your fingers. Or, if you want to get technical, bring in something that accurately represents an inch.

When Was Your Hair Last Chemically Treated?

While box color and henna could fall into this category, this includes all chemical treatments. Whether you have had your hair chemically straightened, curled, lightened, or colored, your stylist needs to know.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

Many people might not realize that multiple process colors, certain colors, and cuts all cost different prices. Any if you do more than one in one appointment, it will cost more. Have a conversation with your stylist before they start your service. Their time and yours has a value.

Pro Tip: If you are looking for a very specific style, bring in an example picture. Your stylist can give you an idea of whether or not you can achieve that look. Bring in hard copies or pictures on your phone. Clear direction is important in setting expectations.

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